Dentures are something that many people get at some point in their lives. Whether it’s due to tooth decay, or periodontal disease, tooth loss is fairly common. Dentures can have some very positive benefits to people who use them.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of dentures which may help you decide if they are the right choice to restore your smile.

Improved Self Confidence

This is possibly the top reason to get dentures. Dentures give you back your smile, and help with your appearance, which in turn will give you more confidence. Self-confidence is very important for having a healthy and happy life, things like decayed and missing teeth can really be detrimental to one’s self confidence.

Dentures when used correctly are not obvious, and average people won’t even know you are using them, allowing you to smile and show off those pearly whites without worrying about what people would think of before you had them.

Expanding your diet

Having a good set of dentures will allow you to eat a wider range of foods than you could with missing or decaying teeth. This also boosts your happiness because who doesn’t like good food? This is not only a great benefit health wise, but it also goes back to the self-confidence part as well.

You can go out to restaurants and eat a wider range of foods, all while having that great smile. When first getting dentures, it might take some time to get used to them in terms of eating normal food, but once you get used to the dentures it will become natural. Dentures will give you up to 10 years of great eating, after that point they just simply need to be replaced with a new set.

Normal Speech

Wearing and becoming accustomed to a set of dentures will give you improved speech again. When you first get dentures, you might find speech difficult or your voice might sound different. This is because the sound from speaking reaches your ears through vibrations in the bones of the jaw and skull. Wearing dentures changes the sound and increases it as well. With a bit of time, you will speak normally.

Some good ways to practice getting your speech back to normal can be done by simply doing things like reading a book or newspaper out loud regularly immediately after getting your dentures.


There are many other benefits of dentures besides what we consider our top 3 benefits such as cost-effectiveness, lightweight and natural appearance, and the fact that they can be removed. These three benefits will surely have a positive impact on your life if you consider getting dentures.

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For every mouth and smile, regular dental checkups are a must, especially with dentures. It is important for your dentist to check their fit and quality on a regular basis. A dental checkup also keeps bacteria and infections at bay. Our dental office in Walled Lake, MI offers a personalized experience which includes a full range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry and dental treatments. Let us help you maintain your smile and your health. Call us today to schedule a checkup!