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Dental Fillings Your Safe Option for Tooth Decay!

Dr. Hechtman, offers his patients a variety of excellent choices when it comes to the dental restoration of worn and damaged teeth. Fillings play an important role in replacing decay that is removed from a tooth, and are the most common restorative procedure.

We Offer the Most Effective And Longest Lasting Treatments For Tooth Decay

White Fillings
Our office mostly uses white as they are attractive and very durable. With the advancements in technology, they have become a solid alternative to silver (amalgam). They are made of high strength composite resin that can easily be matched to the surrounding tooth coloration. White fillings are aesthetically pleasing, as such are primarily used in the front teeth. Not only are they a great option for front teeth, but are now being used for back teeth, as they can withstand the chewing pressure!
Silver (amalgam) Fillings
White composite resin is used almost exclusively by our office. In certain circumstances, silver is required. With the advancement in today’s technology, silver can now be safely replaced with tooth-colored restorations. However, silver can be problematic, as it is common for the edges of the silver to wear and break. Obviously, this is not ideal because cavities can start as the tooth is not protected. Further, the metal will expand/contract over time which can split. In addition, the mercury in the silver fillings corrode and leak, causing teeth gum staining.
White Porcelain
White Porcelain or Resin inlay / onlay is used when the cavity is too big for a filling, but isn’t so big that a crown is required. Onlays (also known as overlays) will overlay one or more cusps in order to protect and strengthen the tooth. An inlay is a used within the cusp tips of the tooth.

Looking for a New Look or Wanting Replace Your Old Amalgam Fillings?



Tooth fillings can be a very effective way to improve your smile!

Our practice is “mercury-free,” however, we do recognize that many individuals still have mercury/silver from years past. Silver is not aesthetically pleasing , and often can promote a weaker tooth structure.

Our restorations can repair:




Cracked Teeth


Worn Teeth


Tooth Decay


Broken Teeth


Cracked Fillings

Your Commerce Township dental professional will be more than happy to discuss the options open to you, and together we can decide on the best course of action for you. We are a full-service dental office and can accommodate your unique circumstance including regular checkups, children’s dentistry, and many payment options. Also, please keep in mind, like most of our other services, these treatments are covered by most dental insurance.



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