Most of us have clenched our jaw at one time or another. Some of us are unaware when it happens or do it so often that we don’t pay attention to it. Along with clenching comes teeth grinding or bruxism. Both of which result in headaches, jaw soreness, and fractured teeth.

Teeth grinding is common amongst both adults and children. Partly because it mostly happens when we sleep and its out of our control.

It’s important to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth or have a child that does, talk to your dentist about possible solutions.

At Walled lake Dentist, Dr. Hechtman can fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth during sleep. He can also do an oral evaluation to see exactly what is going on, how much damage you have, if any, and rule out any underlying medical issues.

If left untreated, clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth can have serious implications to your oral health. We found the following article helpful in identifying the signs and symptoms of bruxism.

How To Identify The Known Bruxism Causes

When building a foundation for a healthy body, people traditionally focus on exercise, nutritious foods and the occasional doctor visit. Although mouth health tends to get overlooked in the process, it can make a profound difference on how you feel in other aspects of life. More commonly known as teeth grinding, bruxism is one mouth malady that shouldn’t go untreated.

According to Mayo Clinic, those who suffer from bruxism typically clench their teeth during the day or grind them at night when they sleep – also known as sleep bruxism. The bruxism causes are varied, but you can watch for certain symptoms if you think you may have it.

Signs and Symptoms

Bruxism has many symptoms that are similar to those of other conditions. Consult your dentist if you’re concerned about:
Diminished tooth enamel and increased tooth sensitivity.
Jaw soreness or tight jaw muscles.
Grinding of the teeth loud enough to wake up your partner.
Flat, loose or chipped teeth.
A headache that begins at your temples. Read the full article here

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