If you need to align or straighten your teeth getting braces is your best option. This orthodontic device can be used to correct your bite if it is under, over or crossed. It is also effective at closing gaps that may develop over time. As efficient as this option is, it can also be quite expensive. However, most dentists offer financing.

This has moved many persons to look for other options such as DIY dental braces and it is never a good idea for several reasons.

When it comes to your teeth and dental health do it yourself tactics can put your overall health in jeopardy and cause many long-term effects; it is nothing short of dangerous.

What kind of damage can DIY dental braces cause?

It can cause root damage among other things. With professional braces, your teeth are realigned in increments – why? It gives your teeth time to gradually adjust and set in their position before removal. This ensures that the adjustments are safe and remain in place. With DIY braces speed and accuracy is promised, however, the force exerted on your teeth can actually tear the roots causing permanent damage and without the time to set, your bite can revert or in its weakened state become worse than before.

Can DIY dental braces affect speech?

Yes, it can affect your speech. DIY braces usually target a specific problem area, however, your entire jaw is connected and a change in one area creates a ripple effect. Your vocal cords are not the only ones responsible for speech, so is your bite. Changing the way your jaw fits together in a crass and uncontrolled fashion can affect the way you speak. Opening you up to impediments such as lisp or speech apraxia.

Related Questions

Can I get an oral infection from DIY dental braces?

Absolutely, you can get an infection. Even though there are bacteria that exist in the mouth, professionals still maintain a sterile environment during procedures – why? Putting items that have not been sterilized in your mouth can lead to illness or infection. Left untreated, infections can spread to your blood and surrounding tissue which can become a very real threat to your physical life.

How dangerous are DIY dental braces? Alternatives?

They present very real dangers, to say the least. Professional dental braces may be expensive, but it may cost you far more financially and emotionally to fix the negative effects of not treating your teeth properly the first time. The only alternative is consulting with a dentist to see what dental treatment is best for you. Most dentists offer financing or will work with you to make sure your treatment is attainable. Looking into dental discount plans in your area can be a viable option for reducing cost and ensuring you get the best and most effective treatment possible; the safe way.

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