When you think of braces, you likely picture a hapless teenager walking down the halls of a high school, trying to hide their metal covered smile. But that stereotypical vision the word braces conjures up is pretty far from the truth. Braces do an important job for your dental hygiene and your smile. And, the truth is, thousands of adults get braces for a variety of issues.

While it’s true that the most obvious function of adult braces is to straight teeth and ensure proper spacing and alignment of teeth, there are other benefits you may not even realize.

Braces aid in preventing gum disease, help fight cavities, prevent injury, and more!

Braces are considered unsightly, but they do wonders for your dental health, and even your overall health. We’ve outlined the way braces help below.

Teeth Alignment

This is obvious, but it’s also more nuanced than you think. Maybe you’ve had chronic jaw or mouth pain and just chalked it up to the aches and pains of age. But, there’s a chance your teeth misalignment is causing tension on your teeth, gums, and maybe even your jaw. Braces will get the alignment back in check and relieve that pain you’ve dealt with for years.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a problem for the vast majority of people you go to the dentist and likely hear the hygienist tell them they need to floss more. Do you deal with pain? Bleeding gums from brushing your teeth? It could be a sign of gum disease. Braces allow for your flossing and brushing efforts to be the most effective by correctly spacing out your teeth and exposing parts of your gums that may be neglected.

Speech Improvement

If you’ve dealt a good portion of your life with a speech impediment or a simple difficulty when it came to pronouncing certain words, braces may be able to help with that. If you’ve exhausted options in speech therapy and psychological blocks, it’s possible that your bite and tooth alignment is responsible for the problems. By aligning your teeth, braces can help fix the root problem of a speech impediment.

Related Questions

How Long Would I Have to Wear Braces For?

Everyone is different. But braces don’t go on for a short amount of time. The normal minimum period for braces is 18 months but can be as much as three years, depending on why you’re getting braces and what your situation is. Braces, even at their shortest increment, are a commitment. And if you’re an adult who may have needed braces for a while, it may be longer.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

This is always the important question. Just as braces are a commitment of time, they’re also a commitment for your wallet. Generally, braces are going to cost at least $3,000. But prices have been known to go much higher for some. It depends on your needs and how personalized you need your braces to be. Do your research and get estimates your dentist should offer free consults and most have special offers.

Adult braces can sound scary, but it’s not the social and cosmetic death sentence that high school movies make it out to be. Braces are extremely beneficial for adults just as much as children and teens. If you think you need braces, consult with your dentist today.

Using advanced cosmetic dental treatments, your Walled Lake, MI Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Hecthman, can make a real difference. A great smile is our commitment to our patients and our patients have options, one of which being dental braces for any age. Our Walled Lake Dental Office offers Fastbraces Technology – it straightens teeth differently, allowing for a fast and affordable solution to redesigning your smile. Call us today to learn more with a Free dental consult!