You only get one smile in your life, and you deserve to love it.

Every smile is perfect, but every smile may not be straight. A crooked or otherwise problematic smile due to gaps, overcrowding, and other issues can make a person less confident about their smile. Fortunately, there are ways to give you that confidence back, and straighten those teeth.

The two most common modern-day options are: invisible braces such as Clear Correct and dental braces.

What are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces such as Clear Correct aligners have been the newest improvement to straightening teeth because its quick, easy and they are removable.

Clear Correct technology creates customized, clear, aligners, much like retainers for your teeth, that are interchanged every two weeks for six to eighteen months or longer.

Like braces, clear aligners are professionally sized and fit, unique to each patient.

Invisible Braces: Things to consider

While clear aligners might sound like the obvious best choice over attaching metallic fixtures to your teeth, there are a few things to consider.

The pros are like this: invisible braces are convenient; it’s easy to maintain, they can be removed while eating, etc., and they require minimal maintenance. They are also meant to be more comfortable than braces. There is no mouth pain or aches associated with brackets and wires shifting the teeth; no cuts due to metal in the mouth and it’s customized to your mouth specifically for comfort.

Invisible braces can be a useful method to straighten teeth for some wearers, but they also require discipline due to brushing after each meal before you put them back on, and require 22 hours per day or wearing them. Not the best choice for a teenager that can’t be bothered.

The main reason people may not choose clear aligners over dental braces is that you have to be consistent and keep a toothbrush with you at all times so that you can brush and rinse after you eat or drink outside of the home. Also, you must keep track and store them in their case, not in a napkin that can end up in the garbage with your aligners in it!

Dental Braces: Things to consider

Fortunately, dental braces have come a long way since their early conception decades ago, but nonetheless, braces are metal or ceramic brackets bonded to teeth with wire.

Simply put: braces are reliable. They are more likely to have positive outcomes and basically every dentist knows how to adhere them, whereas only some dentists have experience with invisible braces.

Braces can be a faster method for those who may not wear aligners consistently, and braces may also be customized in some ways, for a cute, fun smile that is all your own.

When it comes to braces, the worst part is there are more restrictions and braces are just plain obvious in the mouth, unlike more discreet invisible braces. There are some foods including chewing gum that you may not eat with braces, for risk that they might get damaged or pop off.

What age group is Clear Correct best suited for?

They may try to tell you that Clear Correct is suitable for all ages, and while this may seem true, there are some factors that say otherwise. You can wear invisible braces at virtually any age, doesn’t mean you should.

For one, it’s all about bone density. Older aged people will likely need to wear aligners longer than the typical two weeks due to a difference in structure— specifically bone density. Also, for people who have had bridge work or need to rotate teeth it’s not the best option. On the other hand, try invisible braces too young and young children may not use them effectively, such as for less than the required amount of time.

In either case, don’t just choose the easiest option; choose the option with the best outcomes for your one and only smile.

Your smile is important. If you are thinking of improving your smile and straightening your teeth, invisible braces may be an option for you. Call Dr. Hechtman today for a consultation. He will evaluate you to identify if you are a good candidate for invisible braces.

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