We can all relate to being drawn to a beautiful bunch of pearly whites. It makes your smile pop and lifts the appearance of your face. Keeping them white and bright can be a bit challenging and for some, not practical. The discoloration of your teeth is natural and will inevitably happen, however there are ways to maintain and improve the look and color of your teeth.

How do you prevent tooth discoloration?

Avoiding drinks such as coffee and soda is a good place to start. You can also make it a practice to give your mouth a quick rinse after meals. Keeping up with your dentist appointments for your six-month cleaning can also do wonders for your smile. Keeping a reusable straw on hand to use with colored liquids is also an option.

There are some beverages that tend to have deep dark tones which, when consumed can seep into the pores of the teeth resulting in discoloration of time. These include coffee, soda and beet juice.

While it is not advised to brush your teeth immediately after a meal, it is perfectly acceptable to floss, rinse or gargle with mouthwash on these occasions. Rinsing with plain water also works. This helps to keep your mouth fresh between cleans and is a great way to fight discoloration.

Dentists recommend visiting them every six months for a routine clean. This can be quite valuable as the tools used are designed to reach places and provide a deeper clean that you simply won’t get from daily brushing.

Can discoloration be reversed?

In most cases, discoloration is extrinsic and a result of the food we eat. This very rarely goes beyond the surface of the tooth which makes it easy to reverse or treat. This can be done by utilizing tooth whitening products and or kits which are readily available at pharmacies. Checking with your dentist first is recommended, plus they may have some take home tooth whitening kits available.

Visiting your dentist for a routine clean will also leave you stain free. They have ultrasonic tools that get the job done and will also typically give you a nice polish for instant results you can see and love.

What are the stages of stain?

In the early stages of staining your teeth will start displaying a light-yellow color. Left untreated and allowed to build up over time that yellow color deepens to brown. The next stage is grey which is a severe form of teeth discoloration.

Related Questions

Are there any factors besides food that can cause yellow teeth?

Enamel degradation can be a factor in the change of color when it comes to your teeth. Beneath the enamel is the dentin and this layer is yellow in color. If the enamel is degraded past through to the dentin this causes your teeth to appear yellow.

What are some home remedies for teeth whitening?

A common combination that persons can make at home to treat stains is a mixture of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. However, it is best to ask your dentist for the safest techniques as well as teeth whitening treatments they have available for you to do at home.

No one intentionally tries to discolor their teeth and the facts are that many individuals may be unaware of how their daily choices can add to this phenomenon. Putting preventative measures in place can work well to ensure you keep your white dazzling smile for years to come.

Our Walled Lake Dental Office has options for keeping your smile bright. Dr. Hechtman uses the latest in teeth whitening technology as well as it being safe. You can have it done in-office or take home. Either way, your options are a high-performance dental treatment with fast results depending on the original color of your teeth.

A Free dental evaluation and consultation is always the first step and regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings are always recommended. Call our Walled Lake office today and learn more about our dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry options that will keep you smiling big and bright for years to come!