While it may seem like the most trying part of braces is the process of getting them on, actually taking care of them and knowing how to care for your teeth while wearing them is another difficult altogether. Knowing how to properly care for your braces can be key in making them work for you and key to keeping your mouth healthy while using them.

There are some key things you need to keep in mind about caring for your dental braces that will help you and your teeth.

While you spent years perfecting brushing your teeth as both a child and an adult, you need to relearn that and many other habits after you get braces and start to get used to them. There are foods you cannot eat, best practices for drinking liquid, and many other things to keep in mind where your dental health with braces is concerned.

Below are some quick tips for keeping your mouth and your braces healthy during your time in braces. Take a look and start to implement these tactics in your life

Careful Brushing

While you may do the recommended 3 times a day for brushing, you may be surprised to find that you need to do a lot more careful brushing when you have braces. You can’t let food get stuck in your teeth or braces. Brushing after every meal with brushes designed specifically for braces, is very important and effective for dental health.


While most of us could stand to floss more, those with braces need to take extra time to floss thoroughly. While it may seem like a difficult task to floss with braces, you can use a floss threader to get the floss through the wires to better clean them off and make sure food does not get caught in your braces.

Foods to Eat

There are some limits to what you should be eating while you have braces. Sugary foods and lots of starch can cause bacterial growth and plaque to build up in your mouth. Sticky and chewy foods aren’t great for the braces and neither is anything overly hard. You need to be careful with foods that can cause bacteria build up and foods that can damage the wires.

Related Questions

How Often Should I See My Dentist?

Don’t skip dental appointments after you have braces. You’ll likely want to go several times a year for routine checks and potentially tightening of the wires if they’ve gotten loose since your last visit. Your dentist will have a schedule for you.

How Should I Eat Foods?

Unfortunately, the best way to eat most foods with braces is with a fork and knife. While you can still eat handheld foods like pizza and sandwiches, the smartest way to do it is with utensils. Employ these tactics and keep your braces healthy and your dentist happy!

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