Are your teeth holding you back? Many Americans are self-conscious about their flawed, imperfect teeth. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, of course. It’s not uncommon to have chipped, gapped, broken, crooked, discolored or otherwise damaged teeth. Dental problems vary in severity in terms of aesthetics.

Many people are so bothered by their imperfect teeth that they shy away from smiling in pictures, interacting or conversing with others, and suffer from poor self-image and low self-esteem.

However, porcelain dental veneers offer a solution to the problem of imperfect teeth.

Veneers are utterly transformative and can give you the smile, confidence and boost in your self-image that you deserve, while also having a huge positive impact on your overall dental health.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are essentially caps that are bonded to your actual teeth. They can correct everything from tooth shape to color and alignment. Whitening teeth can be an ongoing process, with lackluster results. Veneers are a solution that offers permanently whitened teeth.

Dental braces are expensive, invasive, uncomfortable and have mixed results. Teeth often shift after braces are removed. Veneers are also markedly less expensive than dental implants, offering a relatively affordable route to perfectly placed teeth, with a much faster and less painful process involved.

What is the Process Like?

The process of getting dental veneers begins with visiting a licensed dental professional for a consultation. Veneers are usually completed in two appointments. First, photographs, X-rays and molds of your teeth will be taken, so that your dentist can make customized veneers that will perfectly fit over your natural teeth.

During the next appointment, your dentist will perform a thorough, deep cleaning, to ensure that the veneers are inserted in a sterile environment free of all bacteria, to reduce the risk of infection.

Next, your dentist will use a grinding tool to trim down the enamel of your teeth that are going to be capped with the veneers. Dental cement is used as an adhesive to bond your natural tooth to the veneer. A short healing process then takes place, and soon, you will have a fully functional set of beautiful, perfected teeth.

Some people may only get one to two dental veneers. This is common to correct a chipped front tooth so that the chipped tooth’s appearance is corrected, and it also looks natural and matches the other front tooth. Other people may prefer to get veneers on all their visible teeth.

Benefits of Veneers

There are many aesthetic and non-aesthetic benefits of veneers. Aesthetically, veneers can give you a beautiful smile. Whether your teeth are chipped, broken, too small, discolored, or otherwise, veneers are a wonderful corrective option.

Additionally, there are many health benefits to veneers. For example, veneers can reduce the loss of tooth enamel over time, acting as a protective barrier against decay. Also, veneers can help combat the loss of gum tissue over time. Veneers offer a safe avenue to a sparkling, healthy smile.

Conclusion: Consider Veneers

Getting veneers is a relatively simple and affordable process with life-changing results. Veneers can give you the smile that you’ve always wanted, boosting your confidence and self-worth instantly. They also offer health benefits, including protecting the enamel of your teeth and reducing the loss of gum tissue. Veneers are utterly transformative, both mentally and physically, and are a great way to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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