A great way to restore teeth that are dull, stained or discolored is through professional dental teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a procedure that is safe, effective and can be done in your dentist’s office or at home!

As teeth age, they get discolored, stained and dull. This is because the dentin, the layer below the enamel, becomes exposed as the outer layer, the enamel, wears away. Over time, teeth become more vulnerable to staining because they become more absorbent.

Some major staining culprits are coffee, tea, soy sauce, berries, and tobacco.

Although brushing and flossing can help, it’s not enough to make a difference like dental whitening can. Whitening toothpastes do remove some stains and make teeth a few shades lighter but are a detriment to tooth enamel. They contain abrasive substances and continue to diminish enamel and increase sensitivity.

Professional dental whitening is considered to be the safest and most effective method.

Some benefits to teeth whitening in-office or at home are that it works for people of all ages, and it is safe, quick and affordable. It also corrects tooth spots that are blotchy, yellow and brown stains. Whitened teeth look healthy and brighter which can increase your self-esteem.

At Walled Lake Dentist, we use Venus White Max for in-office bleaching. This product uses hydrogen peroxide, which produces effective long lasting results. Dr. Hechtman has been brightening smiles with dental bleaching for years. It can be done in-office or at home. If you choose to do it at home, we will create custom whitening trays in our lab to fit your mouth and educate you on properly applying the whitening agent.

Depending on the original color of your teeth and how frequently the treatment is applied, most patients begin to see results after the initial treatment. Call Walled Lake Dentist today and get started on restoring a whiter, brighter smile!